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SLIDING windows operate horizontally to allow for full ventilation, top to bottom. Their designs make it great for areas along walkways, paths and recreation areas.


AWNING windows are hinged on the top and open outward from the bottom, allowing for ventilation and protection from the rain and other elements. Great for security and adding to the beauty of any home.

CASEMENT windows are hinged on the side and crank open outward for full top to bottom ventilation. Casement windows give you the flexibility to create your own look and feel for any size room.



DOUBLE-HUNG windows have two operating points which move up and down for exceptional ventilation on the top, bottom or both. SINGLE-HUNG windows allow ventilation through a single point, rather than two. Both designs offer great aesthetics and make for a perfect choice along walkways and paths, as they don’t have parts which protrude outward.


FIXED WINDOWS are set in the closed position. It is stationary and do not open. Fixed windows have larger and thicker frames than picture windows.


FOLDING & BI-FOLDING windows have two or more sections which open by folding each section flat against the next.  Bi-folding windows are a great alternative to traditional hinged and sliding windows, giving you an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

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fixed windows.jpeg
sliding window.png
bi-folding window.png
casement window.png
awning window.png
combination window.png
fixed window.png
hung window.png


COMBINE different types of windows to create your own unique designs that are guaranteed to stand out.  Ask our sales team for recommendations and options suitable to your home or business.

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